Industry Recognition

  • Industry standards call for meat harvest of 14-18 month old male Axis to be in the 60-65 lb range while Comanche Spring Ranch axis average weights are in the 70-72 lbs. range.
  • In one year, the ranch claimed Axis Deer awards for #1, #2, and #4 trophies in Trophy Records of the World competition.
  • Nicknamed the "father" of venison ranching.
  • Introduced stress-free capture and handling facilities for wild, ranched animals.
  • Known for developing low cost alternative game proof fencing so it is easier and very cost effective to enter the venison ranching industry.
  • Reduced the per head cost of a field harvest by 60% over ten years with efficient harvesting techniques.
  • Introduced computer based reproduction and profit forecasting for deer and antelope for better management and better profits.


Ban & Debra Green

Current Owners



Joe Bob & Nancy Green

Founders of

Comanche Spring Ranch and Pioneers of

Exotic Game Ranching

In Texas

Founders &

Current Owners

Comanche Spring Ranch straddles the northern rim of the hill country on the Edwards Plateau, 19 miles from the geodetic center of Texas and 8 miles SE of Eden. Paleo-Americans first inhabited this area 13,000-18,000 years ago, but the ranch was named for its much later visitors, the fierce Comanche Indians, the supreme horse warriors, who camped in its pecan and live groves, hunted its game, and left arrowheads and artifacts near the old spring source on the ranch.



"I just wanted to send you folks a note thanking you for the fantastic hunt. I couldn't be happier with my trophy axis. This was a very high quality hunt."