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Deer ranching has gotten rid of the -ing's. No drenching, pulling, shearing, tagging, worming. In normal West Texas of good and bad years, feed and mineral costs have been around $8.00 per head. We count on feeding about 120 days a year: August during summer stress, December-February during winter in case of snow or freezing rains. We also make sure they have excellent fresh water sources. They drink fine from standard stock troughs. When animals are harvested for venison, government meat inspectors check for TB and any health problems so herds are constantry monitored. No problems have been reported. When Comanche Spring Ranch diversified from cattle, sheep and goats, it went from three full employees to one.

Today, the average European consumes from one to two pounds of venison each year even though it is one of the most expensive meats available. Americans consume a fraction of an ounce (not including wild native varieties). Americans would consume more if it were available. It would take 30 to 40 years to build up Axis herds under the best conditions to accommodate one pound per capita. Over 80% of the venison consumed in the U.S. is imported. The imported varieties are stronger tasting, higher fat content species such as Fallow, Red Deer and Wapiti. Axis is viewed as a premium venison with many of the characteristics of fine veal and all the value of a natural, free range, chemical free, fat free, red meat.


Demand for fine Axis venison products has been keeping pace with increased production and there is every reason to believe that the future will keep pace with a very successful introductory twenty years.

Comanche Spring

Game Ranch

The Following Breeds Are Offered:

  • Axis
  • Scimitar Horned Oryx
  • Black Buck Antelope
  • ​Barasingha

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Livestock Purchase Agreement.

Comanche Spring Ranch is known for its exceptional breeding stock. Buyers traditionally pay a premium price for Comanche Spring Ranch deer and antelope because of Comanche Spring Ranch's reputation for fine, big bodied healthy animals, stress free capture and guaranteed delivery dates.


The sale of breeding stock, for the most part, has been word of mouth and one on one with Comanche Spring Ranch choosing those ranch operations and owners who would be compatible with the venison ranching concept.


Breeding Stock